Monday, July 5, 2010

Work Out


That's my sister in the background and On The Road by Jack Kerouac and The Devil Wears Parda by Lauren Weisberger in focus. I couldn't decide which photo I liked better, so I posted both.

So, I went to the gym today, like I said. I worked out to a soundtrack of Mindless Self-Indulgence, The Runaways, The Beatles, and some Simon and Garfunkel. MSI is pefect for getting all worked up. I tried to take a picture of the gym, but I didn't like any of the photos I ended up with, sadly. Now I'm enjoying a (healthy) mango/kiwi/banana fruit salad courtsey of my favorite sister, and off to watch some Vampire Diaries.

And to close the post, I thought I'd add a quote from Garance Dore wonderful blog (let me preface it by saying that I really need awesome advice like that in my life. I mean, I sort of know that already *I think*, but it never hurts to hear someone as cool as Garance say it. I really do hope that the more complicated paths I've chosen will take me to a place where I can be happy [/preface]);

I just want to say to everyone like me who chose slightly more complicated paths, the roads less traveled, the ones with lots of roadblocks and long stretches of anguish, I just want to say that the most important thing is to always be moving toward your desire. Just do the things that'll make you smile and you'll always end up somewhere. Even if that place is not anywhere you'd imagined you'd be at the start.

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